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Ray-Ban Replacement Lenses Sunglasses


Due In 7-10 Days


Ray-Ban Sunglasses Replacement Lenses
Official Ray-Ban Sunglasses 2 year guarantee
This is an official manufacturers product defect guarantee.

Ray-Ban Sunglasses Replacement Lenses

Ray-Ban Replacement Lenses give you the power to truly repair or customise your Ray-Ban Sunglasses and here at Shade Station we can get any currently available Ray-Ban Lens that they produce!

Please read the important details below.


All model numbers will begin with the letters RB and be followed by 4 numbers. There will also be a colour code after this which relates to the lens colour you would like.

You can choose any available lens colour that fits your model number (the RB code), but we also ask that you state the exact colour code too.

Some Ray-Ban models are also available in several lens sizes so please ensure that you advise us of the lens size which can normally be found at the end of a model number (eg. RB3025 001 62).

We will fit the lenses free of charge at the owner's risk. Details on how to return the product will follow your purchase via email.

Shade Station reserves the right to refuse to fit replacement lenses should the fitting process appear to possibly affect the integrity of the frame.

As all Ray-Ban lenses are custom items and we order them directly from Ray-Ban, you are unable to cancel your order once it has been placed.

The lens packaging is bubblewrap.

Please contact our customer services team should you have any questions (T: 0344 848 78 78 E: [email protected]).

The Unisex Ray-Ban Sunglasses Replacement Lenses (Replacement Lenses RB) is available to buy from Shade Station. The Replacement Lenses RB comes with an official Ray-Ban Sunglasses 2 year guarantee.
Note: Packaging images are example packaging only.

The delivery options available are

Standard Delivery (7-14 Days)

Express Delivery (1-6 Days)

For our complete returns policy please click here

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